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Have a look at this result! Charlotte came to see us because she didn’t like the way her top teeth were uneven and her canines looked very pointy. She also had spaces between her lower front teeth as she had a tooth extracted many years ago. This affected her confidence as she was always aware of it especially when she was having her photo taken. She was interested in adult orthodontics and after reading our Google reviews, she decided to see us for a free consultation.

We hear this type of story a lot at Time Dental. So we know what works and what’s going to give the best result. We talked through her options of using clear aligners or fixed clear brackets. She wanted to go for the fixed clear brackets as they worked the fastest to get to her end result. Her treatment time took only eight months. We also carried out some composite bonding on her lower front teeth to improve the shape of them. She was really pleased with result, and you can see why!

Clear fixed brackets for adult orthodontics are just that. The clear brackets are bonded to the teeth and tooth coloured wire is used to help gently move the teeth into the correct position. The reason why they work so fast is that we are only dealing with the front teeth. Once the teeth have been aligned we use retainers to stop the teeth from moving back and keeps them in their straight position.

Clear aligners was an alternative option for her but that would have taken about 14 months to achieve this result.

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