Honey- sugar advice form Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

I had a patient in the other day for a comprehensive health assessment. He told me his teeth had been deteriorating. When we discussed his lifestyle he told me he drank about 5-10 cups of tea a day. He was proud to tell me he had no sugar……only a teaspoon of honey in every cup.

When you think of honey, you think of nature, bee hives and bee keepers. He was astounded when I told him that this is one of the reasons his teeth are falling apart. Honey, although a natural sweetener is still a SUGAR. It’s a more complex molecular structure than refined granulated sugar  but your body responds to it as a sugar spike in the same way. If eaten to excess you’re at a high risk of diabetes, obesity and tooth decay.

Remember tooth decay is about lack of dental hygiene and frequency of sugar in take. This patient was taking sugar hits throughout the day so he was at a high risk of rampant tooth decay.

It’s all about moderation. If you would like to improve your lifestyle and need some top advice, then give us a call.

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