A patient came to Time Dental unhappy with the colour of their teeth.  She drank lots of tea and coffee and had noticed that her teeth were now discoloured and stained and she wanted to freshen up her smile with professional tooth whitening.

On assessing her mouth her gums had receeded significantly and she had cavities near the gum line of the teeth.  She used a manual tooth brush for her daily home care and had been brushing far too aggressively which resulted in abrasion cavities.  This had exposed the softer dentine part of the tooth which had now started to decay.

After showing her the photos of her mouth we need to get her mouth into a healthy condition first before continuing with her tooth whiteing.  We completed the mutiple fillings using composite bonding with a slighter lighter shade of composite.  This was to account for tooth whitening that she was planning to do.

Once completing the fillings we were now ready to professionally whiten her teeth.  There are two main types.  In-office tooth whitening and professional at-home tooth whitening.  The end result of both systems is the same, the in-office system is simply faster.  The professional tooth whitening system is a gentler way of tooth whitening.  This is where tooth whitening gel is placed into custom fit special trays which are then placed in the mouth for 40 minutes.  This process is then repeated daily for 10 -14 days.

Time Dental provides this service for patients in the Alton, Farnborough, and Fleet area as well as other areas of Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire.

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