Spring has come, finally!  This year winter has seems to have gone on for longer than normal.  Wedding season will be starting soon, and people generally want to look and feel better.  Time Dental are now offering their 2 for 1 tooth whitening offer back by popular demand for servicing patients in Godalming, Surrey.

Tooth whitening is an easy, safe and effective way for improving your smile.  There are two main types of tooth whitening.  In-office and professional tooth whitening.  The end result is generally the same the speed of in-office is the main advantage.

In-office tooth whitening involves placing a gel on the teeth for approximately one hour which whitens the teeth by a few shades straight away.  Some types of In-office tooth whitening use a light source to activate the gel, and other types use chemical activation.  There is no advantage of one over the other.  We recommend that you also use the professional at home kit for 2-3 sessions after in-office tooth whitening to help stabilise the tooth colour.

The professional at-home tooth whitening involves using custom fit whitening trays which are loaded with a lower concentration gel. At Time Dental your cosmetic dentist will take impressions of your teeth and using our in-house facilities fabricate your custom trays. The trays are worn for 40 minutes per day.  It normally takes 10-14 days of professional tooth whitening to achieve a great result.