A patient came to see us at Time Dental looking to straighten her upper front teeth.  Her crowded teeth had been bothering her for many years and she was looking for a fast solution.  She had been searching in a number of areas including Fleet and Farnborough and finally found us as her cosmetic dental practice.

We discussed her various options.  Fixed orthodontic braces was an option to straighten her upper and lower teeth but would take approximately 1-2 years of treatment.  She did not like the length of time required for fixed orthodontic treatment and the fact that the braces would be visible.

Another option would be Invisalign clear aligner system.  This uses clear aligners that are changed every 2 weeks which incrementally move the teeth into the desired position and are virtually invisible.  This treatment would still take 12-18 months which the patient felt would not be feasible for her, even though the brace would be invisible

The third option we discussed was the Inman aligner. A revolutionary removable brace that can move teeth in a matter of weeks.  The aligner has clear sections to it so it is relatively discreet.  It’s currently the fastest way to achieve straight teeth and is only used for the upper or lower incisors.  As the teeth that bothered the patient were only her upper front four teeth, she liked the idea of straightening her teeth very quickly.